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Edmond Guillain was born in 1931 in Comines (France). He became interested in painting at a young age, and painted “Poplars trees by the river Helpe” when he was 13 in the Avenois where he spent his childhood. He studied art at St Luke’s Academy of Fine Art in Tournai (Belgium) where he became a pupil of Speybrouck, a Flemish expressionist.

The School of the Lys, Permeke and De Smet remain an influence in his painting.

Until 1979, he exhibited in many group exhibitions in France as well as abroad. Since then he has spent all his time painting.

Although Guillain loves the Northern countryside and particularly the subtle light his palette became richer in colour during different journeys: Venice, Tuscany, the colourful markets of Vietnam, India (bright saris), the sparkling light of Greece, Morocco, Spain, St Petersburg and more recently the Central Amerique.

These discoveries have enriched Guillain’ s painting which is figurative and informal whist remaining structured but expressive. 




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